Answers to Your Questions

Do You Ship Internationally?

We accept international orders from selected countries ONLY. We reserve the right to transfer an online order if a local retailer is available. We do not offer free shipping to international destinations. Duty, customs tariffs and VAT are set by the destination country. They are determined based on the purchased merchandise’s country of origin or manufacturing and will have to be paid upon package arrival by the person making the purchase. HOC is not responsible for any failure to pay these taxes and duties or any additional costs if the shipment can not be delivered or is refused. HOC do not deliver to a PO Box address.

When ordering, a complete physical address with a daytime phone number must be provided. Please call +91 22 61420011 or email us at for additional information on shipping/duties costs to your country.

What Forms Of Payment Are Accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards online or over the phone.

What Does ATM Mean?

Timepieces are rated by ATM or atmospheres. One ATM is equal to approximately ten meters below the surface of water and refers to the additional pressure that is exerted when items are submerged under water. All SAVOY timepieces are designed with a minimum water-resistance rating of 10 ATM or 100 meters.

What Is IP Plating?

A method by which a coating of various metals or alloys is applied to a metal case or bracelet. In the process, the molecules of metals used for plating enter the surface of the article being plated. This process allows for superior bonding and the color becomes integrated into the surface of the metal when finished.

What Is A Mother Of Pearl Dial?

A white or colored dial with a thin slice of natural sea shell that displays a rainbow of colors as it is exposed to light.

What Is A Tachymeter?

An extra dial ring usually marked with numerals from 60 at the twelve position, increasing counter-clockwise around the dial up to the number 500. The tachymeter is usually found on chronograph watches. Its purpose is to give vehicles average speed in miles or kilometers per hour over a measured course of 1 mile or 1 kilometer without taking the time for calculation.

What Is Split Second Timing (SST)?

Provides the ability when timing a car race or similar event with multiple competitors to record their individual split times.

How Do I Clean My Watch And Straps?

Your SAVOY timepiece should be cleaned with a soft cloth and water only. Do not wet your genuine leather inserts! Your timepiece should also be rinsed clean and dried with a soft cloth after any saltwater use. In order to maintain the new look of metal bracelets, we recommend periodic cleanings of the bracelet. Dip a soft brush in warm soapy water and gently rub the bracelet clean. Your strap also requires care and caution. The natural material used to manufacture your strap is sensitive to the elements. Water, sunlight, or exposure to chemicals or perspiration will cause discoloration, shrinkage, and damage to your strap. Use a soft cloth to wipe your strap clean when removing your timepiece. We also advise having your timepiece serviced every 18-24 months to ensure long use and trouble free operation.

How Can I Get Information On Future Savoy Products And Special Events?

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What If I Have A Question And Want to Talk To A Real Person?

If you have questions regarding your order, your watch or any other issue, please call us at +91 22 6142 0011 M-F from 9am-5pm EST. You can also reach us by email at